An Innkeepers Tale: The Birth of Jesus as remembered by the Innkeeper of Bethlehem

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So when I see my son in a skullcap that came from an island beset by al-Qaida on one side Yemen and pirates and poverty on the other Somalia , I thank the stars how lucky am I to be somewhere where conflicts do not, usually, spiral out of control. But we need to be careful, in smug Britain. Too much of austerity, and barbarism is where we will go. Sometimes it seems as if this is what the Tories actually want for Christmas.

A Blessed Bethlehem Birth as told by Abraham and Anna Mousenstern

A grim world in which all fight for resources and there aren't even men in white coats to take you away if you lose your head. Topics Christmas Opinion. Christianity Religion comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. I hope you got all that you wished for on this Dec. Holiday Permalink Comments 0. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again.

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Merry Christmas Eve and thanks to Santa Claus for all his potentially tax-deductible work today. Boxing Day tips for cool and charitable cats. Celebrating Christmas' and the tax code's magi Tuesday, December 25, I hope you're having wonderful holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas for religious reasons or secularly. I've always been fascinated by those visitors, especially the wise men, or magi.

The definition in Don't Mess With Taxes' glossary is: This figure is calculated by starting with your adjusted gross income AGI and then adding back certain amounts you previously subtracted to get to you AGI. It seems Joesph is paying attention to one while Mary is holding the other… maybe paternal twins?

Could the whole virgin thing be some kinda hoax? Maybe in the next installment, you could have a conversation between Adam and Eve about their dilemma of having no belly buttons…. They were also staying at the inn after Miss Cohen fled from that well known Roman sexual offender Naughtius Maximus. Frank I think Joseph is the guy with the halo sulking in the corner. A Joseph Interview would be good, but I think you should round it out with an interview with Mary.

The second baby could be Thomas. The apostle? Which suggests to many people that Jesus had a twin.

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Anyway, I love these kind of commentary stories about great myths — they always give a different perspective. Hyperbole and a Half just put up her own nativity thing, and I ended up reading them back to back. I managed not to laugh hot chocolate onto the screen, but just barely. Very cool. Sean Eric Fagan is right — this entry is not visible on the home page. Did the innkeeper send it out back? I see it on my front page. About those gifts, you did note their worth. Joseph could get a fair amount of currency for them, and use them to pay for their stay in Egypt.

Celebrating Christmas' and the tax code's magi - Don't Mess With Taxes

Until Herod the Great up and dies that is. Along these lines….

Paul Harvey: The Bethlehem Innkeeper

For those speculating about the second infant, remember that Jesus had four brothers James, Joseph, Judas and Simon and an unspecified number of sisters Mark , Matthew Or four half-brothers and a number of half-sisters I suppose. If you want to delete a post which puts you in the same class as Tom Stoppard, who am I to gainsay you? Er … is there any chance I could hire that mallet of yours for Christmas Dinner? I also know when a comment placed in my comment thread will not lead anywhere productive. Thanks, John. An interview with the shepherds, as long as people are making suggestions. JS — ok, I hear you so let me try it this way.

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I find this equally offensive and no different than those who mock alternate lifestyle preferences. I laughed out loud at the story.

Marion Baptist to present The Innkeeper’s Tale | The Marion Press

Thanks, John, for the Christmas cheer. My father grew up on a farm and as children they occasionally slept in the stables if the weather was really, really cold. Great after-work read, John.

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I mean, they have no Christmas history, no Rockefeeler 50s. Confucian culture being the tide. Merry Christmas, Skype! I suspect that the other baby might be Little John the Baptist. Slightly at odds with the biblical account, but there you go. I will be posting this link on FB as I do many of yours! And all of those people who are offended should have stopped reading or were you standing with a gun pointed to their heads?

The Innkeeper

I just do not understand…. Why yes. Yes, I believe it is. It appears the innkeeper disagrees with you. Cute story. Funniest thing I have read or live changing? Uh, no. This article has caused me to look at it differently since I grew up on a farm and now think back to what many of those things were like. But I do appreciate the sentiment, Bearpaw, and thanks for recognizing you were straddling a line I put down — JS]. I step away to do some actual work and come back to this very funny thing.

I read this to my daughter last night. She laughed and loved it. An instant Christmas Classic! An interview with Joseph? JC: Nahhh. I was born in a hospital. Bethlehem Jewish Hospital, but the hospital was located in a stable. JC: Oh, no. My father, Joseph- God bless him.

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