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Step 1: Recognize when a bad trip is happening.

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Bad Trip Priest Rebecca Rose Goodman Bobo Cory DeMeyers Blind Guy Barkley Harper Art Gallery Prankee Anthony J. Anthony Jaime Wallace Synchronized Swimmer Michele Dawson Synchronized Swimmer Greg SmithAldridge Equipped with this knowledge of spectral techniques, inharmonic sound, frequential filtering and distortion of the sound spectrum, Romitelli broaches the question. With gusts of increasingly dense and unstable waves, initial harmonic purity is followed by a prolonged ascent of dross and disorder.

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Not having the time to unfold, the material is at once subjected to jolts. It repeats itself, but one realizes that it is mutant, infested by viruses: it becomes monstrous. The elements of the complex become hysterical, affected and develop into an expressive metastasis, each of its own will. With Bad Trip , we have reached a point far beyond even waving this approach a gentle good-bye. While the formal structure emerges through repeats, paraphrases and amplification in a more classical sense, the element of timbre corrupts the process by imposing improbable mutations abominable and indomitable countenance 2. A vast redistribution of sensitivity takes place, making everything bizarre, a continual complex redistribution of sensation.

Step 2: Move the person to a safe space.

You sense less here, and more there. Here and there where? Enjoy it. Als jarige componist vestigt hij zich in Parijs om er aan het Ircam met toegepaste informatica te experimenteren.

Vanop dit speelterrein, gewijd aan de kneedbaarheid van de klank, legt Romitelli al snel tal van verbindingen met het universum van de alternatieve en psychedelische rock.