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For the inaugural Mission Billion Challenge, the ID4D Initiative started with an issue at the heart of digital identification design: privacy and user empowerment of their identification.

Building for Billions

See event information. For questions, email: missionbillionhelp solve.

Solutions that enable individuals to inspect, update and correct personal data; provide transparency regarding who has accessed their data and for what purpose; and the ability to seek redress for unauthorized use. We are looking for creative ideas, components, the innovative use of existing technologies or complete solutions from academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, and engaged citizens.

here Read blog post. The inaugural Mission Billion Challenge is powered by the MIT Solve platform, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that uses open innovation and crowdsourcing to solve global challenges.

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Through this MIT Solve platform, innovators and organizations, participants were able to submit a solution to the Mission Billion Challenge. The C-Band Alliance faces growing pressure from Congress, where several House members and a key senator are pushing for an FCC-run public auction so all of the proceeds go to the U. A central issue politicizing the public versus private auction debate is how much money the U.

Under a public auction, the U.

Build lean and light

John Kennedy R-La. The C-Band Alliance has long argued that its plan is the fastest way to free up the spectrum — an attribute that has resonated with the FCC.

Quilty said public auctions often take seven to 12 years to complete. The C-Band Alliance argues it can complete an auction and free up the spectrum in three years.

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