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The revised and updated BILD Life Experiences Checklist is widely used in a range of service settings to evaluate and measure improvements in home life, leisure, relationships, freedom and opportunities. Each assessment takes around 10 minutes to complete and no special expertise is needed. Women with a learning disability give voice to their thoughts and feelings on the topics which matter to them most, including relationships, children and work. The book also records the way in which women with and without learning disability worked side by side to make their voices heard.

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The book includes an illustrated accessible version. This illustrated easy-to-read booklet is for people with a learning disability who find it difficult to talk about any problems they have with going to the toilet. It describes how people can keep healthy by looking after their bladder and bowels. It also deals with the problems they sometimes have with going to the toilet and the people who can help.

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Relatively little has been written about continence in relation to people with a learning disability. This has been produced in partnership with people who have a learning disability to rectify this situation. The issues covered are those which the people involved felt were most pertinent to their needs and those of others. They should provide stimulus for discussion.

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The easy-read format gives messages which are clear, easy to understand and directly relevant. Many illustrations enhance the text. This reader can be used by managers to support staff members studying for the LDAF Certificate in Working with People who have Learning Disabilities but is also intended as a stand-alone guide for line managers, senior practitioners, carers and professionals with a specific interest in the topic of continence.

Incontinence is very much a taboo subject and relatively little has been written about it in relation to people with learning disabilities. This workbook has been produced in partnership with people with learning disabilities to rectify the situation.

The Assessment Process

Once you submit your completed application we will:. After this, your application will be reviewed by an adjudicator, a trained decision-maker who specializes in disability applications.

broodmackrotozor.tk The adjudicator independently examines the evidence you submitted. Some of the questions the adjudicator needs to answer in order to reach a decision include the following:. Throughout this process, it is important to understand that every decision we make:. These tools help us ensure that all decisions are fair and consistent. If it is established that your disability is related to your service, the next step is to determine the extent or severity of your disability so that we can assign an assessment level.

Once the adjudicator reaches a decision on your claim, you will receive a decision letter. I just kept laughing at her and informed her that I truly had no money and was indeed in the shape I had told her I was in. I did apologize to her and let her know it was not her fault about my financial problems. That was all the money I had in the whole world and I needed it to drive to the plasma bank and for food as I had no food but pinto beans and bread and it was the start of a 3 day weekend and I had to apply for new food stamps in the new town. Food banks weren't open for 3 days.

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I was not going to go without food for 3 days and wonder how I would ever have gas to go to the plasma bank for that woman. I had an old old car that was about ready to drop and in fact it did not long later. I did however drive to the plasma bank the next day and what a mistake that was. It was closed during the time I went.

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  • I got the times mixed up. I went to visit an older woman I knew - actually I guess I did have that one person. I went to see her and it took a long time but finally I came up with the nerve to let her know I needed food. This woman was very sweet but she has her own illness and is not acutely aware. She did give me some dried beans and some turkey ham. I made them that night and that was the best meal I had had in forever.

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    I was so tired of beans but with the meat in it made a huge difference. It is also very important to know that I am a Christian and during this whole time I prayed quite a bit. The thing that assisted me a great deal is the tremendous amount of faith I have in God to come through for me and He did. I had met my husband on the computer and finally when the phone got connected he called and we talked for 8 hours on his bill.

    We met the next day and my life changed not only financially, but I had a tremendous support system, he himself was on SSD and completely understood what I was going through.

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    He became my best friend. Months later I was accepted to SSD and a few months after that my relatives began to come to me. I had to work hard to get my father back as I had really raged at him. It wasn't until he began to hang up on me did I realize that I could not have him in my life unless I treated him with respect. By the way, I am not recommending this to you parents out there. All of us with the BPD are different and your child may be suicidal when they call. So, it is different with each one of us. It wasn't until I was safe that I unconsciously began to give up the "warrior" role I worked hard to develop.

    It took me at least a year after this experience before I really felt safe. I can't tell you how many dreams I have had about this. Please don't send me letters about how sorry you are about this place in my life.

    In looking back it has brought forth a different attitude about life.