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Federer's defensive abilities have declined over the years. While he used to be very quick around the court during his prime, in recent times he has relied more on reflexes and anticipation while trying to stave off stronger opponents.

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Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland, and has mixed heritage and dual citizenship - his father is Swiss and mother is South African. He grew up playing a variety of sports in addition to tennis, such as football, badminton and basketball. Federer used to be a hothead in his early years, but as his career progressed he earned the reputation of being ice-cool on the court.

Many attribute that change to the death of Federer's long-time coach Peter Carter in , to a car accident.

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The tragedy impacted Federer a great deal, and his demeanor became noticeably calmer in its wake. Federer is married to former tennis pro Mirka Vavrinec, whom he met during the Olympics in Sydney. The couple have two sets of identical twins - twin girls born in , and twin boys born in The Federer vs Nadal rivalry is one of the most talked-about stories in the history of tennis.

Nadal was the first player to mount a serious challenge to Federer's domination, and to this date has an upper hand in the head-to-head count. The two have shared many epic battles over the course of their careers. The Federer-Nadal final at Wimbledon is widely regarded as the greatest match of all time, and there has even been a documentary titled 'Strokes of Genius' made on it.

Federer's legacy, however, is largely independent of his match-ups and struggles against fellow greats Nadal and Djokovic. During Federer's peak, from to , his supremacy was nearly absolute; he was ranked No. That makes him possibly the most unique champion in the history of men's tennis; no other player has ever had such a sustained run of dominance in the game.

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In addition to that, Federer's artistic style of play has earned him plaudits from both experts and fans. He is one of the very few athletes to have combined effortless grace with supremely consistent results. And the fact that he has done so while comporting himself with dignity both on and off the court, has endeared him to the world at large; he is the crowd favorite wherever he goes. Federer is also very well-liked among his peers, having won the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award which is voted for by all the ATP players a record 13 times.

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Who Is Roger Federer?

Tennis Roger Federer. Roger Federer. Singles Rank. Significant Roger Federer records Federer has a huge list of records to his name. For Federer, the generally relaxed vibe is one of the keys to his longevity. There are polite exceptions.

Roger Federer

Earlier this year in the mountain town of Chur, he walked into a full restaurant unannounced and drew only smiles or polite stares. But 10 minutes after sitting down and before his lunch was served, a Swiss family approached him from across the room to ask for a group photograph. He agreed. But then I need to get away from it all. And I need to feel like, O. Somebody else deserves the limelight or I deserve a break or whatever it may be, so I feel I find it very easily and very quickly in this country.

Roger Federer's Lifestyle ★ 2018

Federer remains firmly anchored here with his wife, Mirka, and their four young children. They keep an apartment in Zurich, but their main base is a property near Lenzerheide in the Alps in the eastern part of the country near St. His decision not to opt for an expatriate tax haven like Monaco helps explain his enduring appeal, despite the fact that mega-millionaires who have openly sought to be No.

Understanding Swiss Culture. He seems to have held onto his Swiss-ness, and people are proud to be associated with that. A global figure with an overstuffed travel schedule, Federer said that he is interested in staying more local in the next phase of his life. After years of avoiding it for fear of injury, he wants to ski a full season with his family after retirement.

source link And though he now regularly invites promising young Swiss tennis players to train with him, he wants to make much more of a contribution to developing the next generation. Log In.