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Muldoon places Cash in a poetic tradition that comes out of Scotch ballads, and also raises a point that was hotly debated after Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature last month: Are song lyrics really the same as poetry? Do lyrics lose something when removed from their musical context? In an interview, Mr. Muldoon put Cash alongside Leonard Cohen, who died on Monday , and Paul Simon as examples of songwriters whose words hold up on their own.

The Brilliant & Forever by Kevin MacNeil review – an engaging tragicomedy in the spirit of Calvino

There are occasions when the simple, direct phrase is the one that works. Muldoon said. Some may have been intended as lyrics, his son said, but it was not always clear. Take a look at our beautiful Mother Nature As she quietly and gently builds, and sets for us the scene. With lakes, lush green meadows and waterfalls Complete with rolling hills The purest glory Oh such wonders there will ever be.

Smell the beautiful perfumes of summer blossoms Summer showers fresh, shining in the sun. Its calming balm heals all our spirits daily needs. With pure beauty, a magic spell, so very cleverly spun. How dramatic, the wonder of the crashing sea That pounds and caresses upon the sandy shore. Take time out from your busy daily life Reflect, then quietly rejoice.

Log in or Become a Member to comment. Take time out from your busy life Reflect and then with God rejoice This beautiful world is a gift of His love for me and you. I love the lines below: "How dramatic, the wonder of the crashing sea That pounds and caresses upon the sandy shore.

25 Queer Poets to Read Now and Forever

Good write dear Georgina, My applause, My vote Take time out from your busy daily life Reflect, then quietly rejoice. Tony Taylor 4 years ago. Cherie Sumner-Tayl While The Art of Cruelty brought Nelson mainstream recognition, she has been a much-admired figure in literary circles since her book Bluets , which navigates the deeply personal pain of heartbreak through a philosophical, cultural, and historical investigation of the color blue. In her latest work, The Argonauts forthcoming from Graywolf in May , Nelson leans on another Barthes formulation as extended metaphor and point of return.

In retrospect, I guess it was both. Several years into their relationship, Nelson becomes pregnant as fluidly gendered Harry undergoes top surgery and begins injecting testosterone. With bodies in flux, who are they to themselves and each other? The Argonauts is a book about representation. Nelson was sympathetic. Super not hot! As we spoke about queer family-making, identity politics, and the shifting sands of gender, Nelson was simultaneously incisive and eager to interrogate her own logic. Guernica: Both The Argonauts and your book, Bluets , are comprised of fragments, and integrate personal narrative with theory, history, and criticism.

Maggie Nelson: I do think of it as different from Bluets. I think of the unit of this book as anecdote, whereas in Bluets I thought of it as propositions. In Bluets , I was in pain, and it felt like banging my head against logic, or philosophy.

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So then its narrative arc became about housing this theory within a select period of time. Harry is a pretty private person, and I guess I never really thought I would write a book about him or our life together. But the conflict that presented, hating what representation does to you, eventually became what the book is about. Representation is not good enough. Guernica: Recently there have been a few articles in the New York Times that deal with genderqueer subjects, and the Times style guide does not allow the use of pronouns preferred by the trans or genderqueer community [like the singular their, xe , ze , hir ].

So out of respect to their subjects, the writers of those pieces managed—impressively, I think—to write long-form features without using any pronouns at all.

And the Times has come under fire for its policy. After reading your book, I realized that in the Times profile of Harry from , the editors insisted that he choose a male or female pronoun. How much is our ability to articulate constrained by the language systems that we have to use? Maggie Nelson: The language has constraints, but in some ways, the connotation is where all the action is as much as the denotation.

Everybody code-switches, some people more than others. The truth is that we are all changing all the time to each other. Guernica: The Argonauts charts a period in your personal life when bodies are changing dramatically.

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I go to the baths, the Korean spa. The women have so many mastectomy scars and ectopic pregnancy scars and stretch marks, and all these things are amazing and wondrous to me. I guess I find it stranger not to attend to flux than to attend to it. You may be Audre Lorde and a lesbian separatist… and then you have a son. I feel excited in that I think boys born to feminists have a leg up.

Guernica: The book is partly about your nuclear family.

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