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Maintenance Infos A measurement of the correlation of galaxy surveys with CMB lensing convergence maps from the south pole telescope. Statistics Citations Dimensions. Downloads downloads since deposited on 22 Jan 13 downloads since 12 months Detailed statistics.

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USA 98 , — Tramontano, A. Zhang, J. Kumar Detection of convergent and parallel evolution at the amino acid sequence level. Akindahunsi 1 2 J. Chela-Flores 3 4 1. Instituto de Estudios Avanzados Caracas Venezuela.

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ENW EndNote. Buy options. Especially the latter parameter is one of the main targets of future galaxy surveys. Library subscriptions will be modified accordingly.

This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of Two- and 1-D posteriors for the cosmological parameters inferred from the full analysis including lensing red dotted , an analysis neglecting lensing blue dashed and considering only auto-correlations gray solid. Intersections between vertical and horizontal lines denote the fiducial cosmology.

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In this analysis no significant priors were imposed on the parameters. Circles and squares represent the estimates for the best fits from a Fisher matrix analysis when neglecting lensing, and for the only auto-correlations case, respectively. The thick red and the thin blue lines correspond to the spectra at the best-fit values estimated by consistently including lensing and by neglecting it, respectively.

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Gaussian error bars accounting for cosmic variance and shot noise for the consistent analysis are shown as gray regions. The indices for the correlated redshift bins are shown in the legend. The model neglecting lensing cannot fit the data, especially due to redshift cross-correlations.

We stress that, in the former case, to compute error ellipses within the Fisher formalism, we forecast parameter constraints in a universe where lensing is absent see the text for more details. Intersections of dashed lines denote the fiducial cosmology. The expected systematic shifts in the best fit due to neglecting lensing in the theoretical modeling are shown, including all bin correlations circles and including only autocorrelations squares.

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For comparison, we also show the corresponding results from the MCMC analysis. While the Fisher formalism is reliable for a qualitative understanding of parameter degeneracies, the systematic errors are seriously misestimated. We show the full analysis including lensing red dotted , an analysis neglecting lensing blue dashed , and considering only autocorrelations gray solid.