Gun Boss of Tumbleweed (Western Short Stories Collection)

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Lots of great fun and action as cowboy Tom falls in love with an actress with disastrous results. The gang has been westernized. They plan to run away and go out west. Shot during h. Bobby plays a cowboy on the way to an engagement party where his presence—after. Tom and one of his cowpuncher pals are vying for the hand a beautiful young lady. Stewart is tops as a former shootist trying to start a new life in a small town.

Will the temptation of. Johnny rescues a known thug in the desert and gives him a new chance at life, making him his prospecting partner. Trouble follows as hi. A ranger is seized by bandits and tied to a wall by the sadistic Apache Joe played to the hilt by Adams who uses a knife to sadisti. A fine Forgotten Horrors western. Brown comes to a mysterious ranch were a phantom killer is on the loose. The ranch is owned by a he. Unfortunately, she is. This fine spaghetti western starts with two heat-parched men walking stumbling through the desert. One man has two g.

First Time on Video! This rare Zorro film was made in Italy. A series of exciting events. Ken breaks up a train heist, saving a girl from bandits. But the robbery was all an act, put on as an exciting welcome for the girl. He sends Art and his no-good cousin to kick a family off their ra.


A shady mine owner switches his worthless ore with another mine owners high grade stuff. Naturally, Bill an. Four cowboys discover gold on a ranch.

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Three of them plot to swindle the rancher out of his gold. The fourth one protests, bu. The best of the Texas Rangers series? A family is being thrown off their land by crooks! The elderly owner is hit on the head and c. Edition , Rep. A fine 3 Mesquiteers entry with the boys out to stop a murderous gang of horse thieves.

The gang leader.

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This is a pretty good Spaghetti western about a gang of crooks who use an army cannon to help them rob the bank t. A roaming cowboy wanders back to his home town after many years, having run away at an early age. This Monogram Randall opus is short and sweet with lawman Jack facing off with his brother who was separated.

A top cast helps this fine western. Reeves and his younger brother are sentenced to a stretch in the Yuma Penitentiary on a train robbery charge, which they have been. A surprisingly good film. The miners of a lumber camp become Godfathers to an orphan baby, whom they name Luck, and start set. Saxon is a tough, gun-wielding saloon owner who helps Mexican peasants oppose a notorious land baron who has cruelly oppressed them.

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The Duke turns down a job as sheriff and heads off to compete in a rodeo. He wins a horse race in spite of a poison dart placed in his sad. One of many exciting euro westerns made by Barker in the mid '60s. A boundary scout discovers the ward of an Apache chief has been framed. McGowan, Gabby Hayes. A mysterious masked bandit is pursued by a posse. He eludes them even though he's wounded. A female barkeep. Bad guy Hackett is wants to steal money from his own bank to finance an oil well.

Tom comes in to investigate. A killer escapes into the wilds of the Canadian woods. He fools lawmen by pretending to be a famed mystery wri. Bell shines in this top B-western. There may be a range war between cattlemen and sheepmen.

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Is King the head of the gang causing all the trouble, or is it the. Two sisters one practices witchcraft clash over an aging Jamaican estate. Herb ri. A wandering cowpoke is tricked by rustlers into appearing to work for them. After that, he set. Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. Roy's in fine form in this exciting film. Bill is an outlaw running from his own gang and has hidden their holdup loot. Bill is rescued by a deputy, but the deputy is then captured by Wal.

Lone Pine gem! Farnum, Joan Barclay.

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  • Forgotten Horrors title. Lane nabs a gangster that rustlers have brought in to help run their operation. Lane poses as him and infiltrates the gang. However, when a fellow gambler is gunned down, he gets the blame! Tim has to side.

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    A land-grabbing villain, who covets all the land in the region, threatens a homesteader family. Bob and the boys intervene in a. It's the good guys against the bad guys again in old California, circa Zorro teaches his son and daughter the art of freedom fighti. Edition , Para. An Army officer moves his family out west to escape a bloody feud. When other feuding family follows them,.

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    In a shocking turn of events, his captain boots him out of the rangers for cowardice! A dog helps the 3 Mesquiteers track down a killer and his gang who are spreading hoof-and-mouth disease throughout the area. A hunchback killer! Creepy western. Watch out for the death ray!

    Harry's the sheriff. His son hangs out with a outlaws to whom he owes gambling debts. The gang robs a stage and a deputy. The boys take on a land-grabbing saloon owner who robs stages in an effort to stop the funding of an irrigation damn.

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    • Without the water, many ranchers wi. He dukes out the foreman in a brawl! Later, he finds tha. Action Adventure Thrillers. Armchair Fiction. B Westerns.