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This book is well timed for this day and age. There are oh so many people loosing their jobs and two years ago my son was one of them. Nell arrives at work one day only to be told the news that she is going to be made redundant. To anyone this is a horror story, to Nell, it means her 5 year plan has not got a dent in it! Nell thinks for a fraction and decided to use her redundancy money to get away from it all. She heads for San Francisco. Her cousin Lizzie lives there so she won't be entirely on This book is well timed for this day and age.

Her cousin Lizzie lives there so she won't be entirely on her own. She's found some accommodation and is quite content to plod and see what happens from one day to the next. The author transported me to San Francisco where I have never been, but to read its pages it made me feel like I would love to go. Nell is only there for a matter of 8 weeks in all but she has met some interesting people, many from all walks of life and has enhanced her life.

Miranda Dickinson is a breath of fresh air to read, here is a woman who doesn't have to live her life around a man. She's independent and knows just what her dream is and how to get it. She wants to run a diner. As always, the author Miranda Dickinson presents us with another lovely read. View 2 comments. Nov 07, Chineka Williams rated it it was amazing.

This is my First Miranda Dickinson book I am really enjoyed it.

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You could see San Francisco from the words that were written on the page. Just when you think you know what is going to happen the plot suddenly changes. I like this aspect of the book because it keeps you as the reader guessing. I was rooting for Nell the whole book and hoping that she accomplished her dream.

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There is also a love story weaved into the book. Sep 30, Jamie rated it it was ok. Thanks to NetGalley for the preview. I actually wanted to give this book 2. Perhaps it's me being nitpicky and expecting too much of what is obviously meant to be a fun read, and I honestly tried to overlook these things, but they just got more and more glaring and eventually I just wanted to finish it so I would be done. The thing that bothered me the most was the dialogue, particularly once Nell was in San Francisco.

None of the characters truly sounded American. It sounded more the way British people think American people sound. I wrote a book with a British character, and I'm sure I did the same thing. But that's just one character. This was everyone , and after a while, it took me out of the story. Nell complimented Ced on his "hairdo" and he didn't know what she was talking about.

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Except that 1 Lizzie is British and knows all of these people and most likely used the term once or twice in the past several years and 2 we use "hairdo" in the States. Maybe not when talking about men's hair, but still, not an unfamiliar term. Also, they kept using the term "partner" to refer to a significant other, and while not technically incorrect, it's not word commonly used in that situation. Well, maybe it is in San Francisco. I've never been, so I wouldn't know.

I kept thinking they were talking about partners in a law firm or something, even though I knew that wasn't true. It's just where my brain went. My point is, none of the conversations sounded real. To be honest, none of the characters seemed quite real, either. Everyone was just too perfect. Too nice, too helpful, too quirky. Everything happened exactly as I expected, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when I was already annoyed at the way they were speaking, it just amplified those feelings.

Absolutely everyone was friendly and nice and wonderful. Nell only had one bad experience while waitressing at the diner. The kids were too precocious. I didn't particularly care for anyone, not even Nell -- especially once things with Max went sour and she didn't even give him the opportunity to explain things.

And as for what happened, he obviously meant one thing, and she took it the complete, contrived wrong way. While we're on the subject of Nell and Max, they've known each other approximately three weeks but they're in love.


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We'll overlook that because this is a romance and that's what happens in romance novels. But it just makes her reaction to the "twist" with Max even more ridiculous, because they have only known each other a few weeks, and the secret that Max "lied" to her about is not exactly something one tells the person they have only been dating three weeks who is going back to her home country fairly shortly.

One other thing that bugged me, though is really just me not being able to suspend my disbelief this much, is that Lizzie took the first week of Nell's visit off so that they could sightsee and be tourists together, and they barely did anything. They did, like, one thing each day, and some days you could obviously tell they were home after lunch. I think one day all they did was go to the diner, and then they were all, "I'm so exhausted.

They're officially the worst tourists ever because they did virtually no touristy things. I had issues with the story as well, but I think most of those were due to my frustration over previously mentioned issues, so I won't mention them. I did say that I found it cute, because it was, so if you're into that sort of thing and you don't mind stilted dialogue and characters that don't feel very fleshed out, then go nuts. It would probably make a really cute rom-com. Nov 10, Casey Ann Books rated it really liked it.

I missed a few out last year so I am hoping to start indulging on crimbo fiction from November 1st this year and these are already on the top of my to be read pile. It was a true honour to be a part of TeamNell. This book should come with a number of health warnings and if you are not instantly ravenous then what is wrong with you. I want to thank Miranda for bringing me and Kirsty together as part of Team Nell and I am thankful to Kirsty for finishing this awesome read first so she could warn me that chocolate and wine are needed to fill the void and to get through the surreal twists.

I instantly fell in love with Nell and Vicky and I want to read it all over again. There is at least one of my close friends who will receive a copy of this book and I know she'll inhale it just like I did. Miranda has taken a real and rather not nice subject in redundancy and she has created a positive story from such a real and unkind thing to go through.

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Nell Sullivan has so many expectations when she walks into Aidan Matthews office and what happens is not what she expected at all. I love that Nell took her life and said I will make a choice, and the choice she made was brave and some people would say irresponsible. Hey, she took on life with both hands and the emotional rollercoaster she endures is well worth the ride. Nell knew she wanted to enjoy life and get to know herself again when she went to stay with her cousin Lizzie, but she couldn't have predicted how much would change. It just proves that if you make the right changes life can really change for the better.

The characters Miranda has created are all loveable in their own way but I have to mention the adorable Max Rossi. Who would've thought a few spilt coffee's would bring a handsome stranger into your life. That sure as hell didn't happen to me on Pier 39, I feel like I need a refund lol. I won't spoil anything but there is much more to the eye with Mr Rossi. There were a number of times when I wanted to scream which would have got me some weird stares on the commute to work. I also got increasingly frustrated which made me unsure whether to keep reading but I'd want to know.

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  6. This story will stay with you long after the very last page. I also feel that I need to watch a few of the San Fran based films that I haven't seen. Just because Miranda mentions them at the end of the book. Both myself and Kirsty believe this book NEEDS to be a film although be warned wine, chocolate and tissues are needed oh and a good friend. This book needs to be shared Aug 23, Abbey rated it it was amazing. Very Shiny and just shouting "helllo buy me!! We soon follow Nell seeing the sights of San Francisco with her cousin Lizzie who shows her around and makes her feel at home until she meets the ever so handsome Max Rossie Made a superb book in which I am going to be telling all my friends to go out and buy or even buy them the book for Christmas.

    Straight away as soon as I started reading about San Francisco I just wanted to jump on a plane right away and experience the place for myself! I will one day! Hehe I am a such a huge fan of Miranda's books and I always love reading them but hate it when it ends as I get all gutted : I love the style of writing Miranda does and how she gets her readers fully engrossed with her chapters and with the characters too. By the end of every book Miranda has written you feel like the characters are your best friends and you love them very much.

    I loved following Nell in San Francisco from her sight seeing, meeting new people, deciding her future plans and just generally loving the closeness between Nell and her cousin Lizzie, it was a superb friendship and closeness as a family member I thought it was really cute how Lizzie showed Nell around everywhere and how she introduced her to the most amazing Diner everrr! The place sounded so amazing and I wanted to just be sat right there and eat everything!

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    One book I am going to treasure for a while! Sep 30, Agi rated it really liked it Shelves: I was immediately attracted by the sparkly, colourful, beautiful cover of this book, it is so optimistic and eye - catching. Then I read the blurb and wanted to read it asap. The main character in the book is Nell, who has her life under control, everything i www.

    The main character in the book is Nell, who has her life under control, everything is neatly planned and orderly.