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I will say that the audio version is a big help.

Santa Claus

View 1 comment. Dec 21, Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: tnbbc-winter , christmas , fantasy , I liked the first third of this book. The second third started to get annoying. And by the last third I was rolling my eyes and kept imagining myself making teenage finger-gagging gestures over the ridiculousness. At the beginning, the concept of the evolution of Santa was interesting but with every chapter that passed, the heavy-handed plot started to annoy me because it became too predictable.

Nicholas started out on his own but eventually acquired an entourage of immortals that included a So. And after awhile, I was like, "enough already!!! View all 5 comments. Dec 06, Donalyn rated it did not like it Recommends it for: no one, really. Shelves: adult-fantasy. OK, the only reason I even read this one is because my book club chose it for our December selection. This book proves to me why Dicken's A Christmas Carol is still so popular-- it was the last decent Christmas book written although The Santa Land Diaries and Skipping Christmas deserve honorable mention. This book follows the evolution of the Santa Claus myth starting with Saint Nicholas and ending with the Coca-Cola illustrations which solidified our vision of how Santa looks.

Although the book is sprinkled with historical information about Santa and the how the celebration of Christmas has changed over the centuries, I found the book to be poorly written. The inclusion of famous legends and historical figures throughout the ages was hokey and ridiculous won't everyone be pleased to know that Leonardo Di Vinci built Santa's North Pole Workshop and Amelia Earhart is now in charge of global navigation for Santa?

Even the most outlandish ideas presented in the book would have worked better in the hands of a more capable writer And OK we get it-- Santa's fat! Did the author have to mention this on practically every page? What drivel.

The Flying Pick

View all 3 comments. Nov 17, Charly rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone. This book was nothing like I expected it to be. It was much better. A marvelous tale of how the original Saint Nicholas evolved into today's Santa Claus. If one can believe in a bit of magic this wonderful representation of the Santa Claus story finds ways to account for many of the current stories about Santa. In some ways this book is one that will be far more appreciated by "believing" adults than by children. Guinn carefully explains nearly every nuance of the Santa story told from the persp This book was nothing like I expected it to be.

Guinn carefully explains nearly every nuance of the Santa story told from the perspective of the man himself and his unwavering belief in the goodness of man and its ability to prevail given time.

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Great holiday read but a good read at any time. Dec 01, Tom rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All Doubters. This book reads like Bill and Ted's Great Adventure. I could tell you how Santa met Mrs. Claus, but I won't. I could tell you how he got into the business, but I won't. I could tell you the how and who Santa recruited to help him, but I won't.

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I could tell you about how Santa got to fly a sleigh, but I won't. I will tell you that he's only been at the North Pole since ! If you want to know these things too, read the book.

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You will enjoy. View 2 comments. Nov 27, Matt Spaulding rated it it was amazing. I really love this book. As a Christmas nut, and, even more specifically, a Santa Claus nut, I really appreciate all the actual history involved. The troubles, for me, begin to arise when Santa, his friend Felix and his wife Layla meet Attila the Hun. From that point out, Santa and company go on meeting legendary historical figures and inviting them into the fold, thereby making them immortals.

While I actually like the idea of Santa crossing paths with I really love this book. While I actually like the idea of Santa crossing paths with historical figures, I'm not fond of the fact that they become his helpers. Highlights include the accurate historical depictions of the evolution of Christmas and the growth of the legend of Santa Claus from his humble beginnings as Nicolas of Myra into the figure we know him as today. Along the way he encounters some of the greatest people who ever lived and witnesses the growth of the world. The downside, as I said before, is the choice of the author to make these actual historical figures Santa's helpers.

I would much prefer elves. Another downside is the choice to sideline some of the more well known aspects of the Santa Claus myth for more believable explanations, like Santa leaving presents in stockings drying by the fire to give the illusion of his having come down the chimney rather than actually using the chimney. Or having his helpers scour different parts of the globe delivering presents dressed as him rather than him doing it all himself in one night.

Magic IS included in this book Santa and his companions never age and can travel at wonderful speeds but not to the extent I would have preferred. Still, I would highly recommend this book, because the downsides certainly do not outweigh the amazing, well written tale this book tells. This is a must read for me every Christmas season. This is not only a fun book, but also very informative. I had known that the Santa Claus we know now had evolved from a real historical figure: Saint Nicholas, however I had no idea that he lived so long ago.

He was actually born in AD! It is amazing that this one man and his love of Jesus Christ which manifested in his giving gifts to the needy has a legacy that extends over almost two thousand years! The book is well written and the story and very interesting. It tell This is not only a fun book, but also very informative. It tells how Bishop Nicholas stopped aging and our modern Santa is in fact the original gift giver. As he moves through history and meets other actual historical figures I learned about world history I hadn't know previously. Many of the questions about Santa: how does he get all over the world in one night, why does he live at the North Pole, how do reindeer fly etc.

It is important to note that while Santa tells his story and incorporates real historical facts and dates this is not like high school history class. The events are actually interesting as we see, briefly, how these events helped shape the world. The book also makes sure the reader is aware that Santa is aware of and in fact honors the true meaning of Christmas and that the best gift ever given was when God gave His Son to the world.

He does this in a natural manner without getting overly "preachy" or overbearing with this fact! I received this in a triology as a Christmas gift and plan to make it an annual read near Christmas. Jul 03, Shannon rated it it was amazing. Several Christmases ago, a friend of mine from church recommended this book to me. It has 24 chapters, and is a wonderful story to read to your kids throughout the month of December, leading up to Christmas Eve one chapter a night, starting December 1st.

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What I like most about the book, is that it weaves Santa's story throughout history. It even explains how Santa never grows old. I think this is a great book, and a great way to help offer explanations to kids whose belief in Santa may be wavering a bit. There is just a touch of religion in the story after all, Santa was once a priest, then a bishop, then finally achieved sainthood as St. Nicholas , which I liked, but for the most part, the history that Santa moves through is told at a very appropriate level for kids. My older son really enjoys it, but its a bit over my younger one's head he still sits through it and gets some of it.