Tainted Morals

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Such states, with discriminatory laws, also gag civil society.

Moral Accounting: How Consumers Spend Money Tainted by Guilt | CEIBS

In Tanzania, Magufuli is the law and even the most vocal NGOs dare not challenge him lest they are closed down. In Uganda, strict laws on public assembly and NGO registration mean that they proceed with caution.

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While it is debatable how much the west can do, the tough stance on anti-gay laws in Uganda was proof that there are ways to hold African leaders to account. But, ultimately, it is we Africans who must stand up and demand an end to discrimination. United in their moment of hate, high-sounding philosophies such as ubuntu looking out for your neighbour are forgotten and replaced by fiery foreign scriptures and that angry male God introduced by oppressors who stole land and humans.

The world may be tired of post-colonial guilt — the easiest thing would be to just leave Africa and its problems alone. And, with the waning interest and silence on homosexuality and other culturally contentious rights, this seems to be the route the world is taking.

A tainted imperial legacy that fuels the oppression of gay people in Africa

Besides, is the west not doing enough? From aid, to trade, to providing employment and strong-worded statements against those rights violations it considers dire?

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It is almost unfair to ask the world to put our hate on its agenda, but what other choice have we? The way I see it, if you leave a wild dog in my house under the pretext it is a pet, I have every right to call you to demand that you remove it, especially if I have tried every trick to get rid of it.

leondumoulin.nl/language/fiction/the-lingering-sensation.php It is the same with the colonial-era laws on which this hate is anchored. They have been nurtured by dictatorships and the desperation of oppressed people.

Tainted morals VS Brute

When we ask that the UK, Germany, France speak out against discrimination and do more to have governments repeal laws that repress gay people and women, we are only saying that it is fair that you find a way to tame the wild animal that you let loose. We aim to highlight a type of cultural entrepreneurship, which has received scant attention by prior scholarship, and consists of deploying morally tainted cultural resources, i.

We argue that this type of cultural entrepreneurship is a double-edged sword and explain how it may ignite active opposition of offended audiences, as well as attract supportive audiences.

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Psychological science explores how moral taint is carried by the words we use.

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