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And honestly,I love Chengdu! But the biggest reason I love eatting hot pot is because I caneat it with my friends. I'm so happy to see everybody here today! Thank you so much! It just warms my heart! And it's my biggest dream to just spend time with you. So thank you!

Hi grandma!

I'm just watching the baseball game. My family is gathering for a big Christmas dinner at my gramma's house! I always called her Mee-maw. Let's take a look at some more. But I can write a song. I love hot pot because I love the soup. Actually,you can put whatever you want into the soup! You know,to create your own style! It's like fashion ,you know? Create whatever you want! It's my style! I have ordered potato!


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I love potato! I don't really like hot pot. I'm not gonna lie to you because it is probably the last Chiness cuisine. It cames out with the same taste! They don't really have their own flavor.

My name is Jin Chenx! I am 12 years old.

I don't really like hot pot because it's so hot! I like fast food very much! I love to eat hot pot because I love the dipping sause! It's so good! I could drink it! That's true! That's right! I'm very happy to be here! Here is a surprise for you! Shine bright like a diamond. Any time! We had a blast! I love KTV!

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Wherever you are! No biggie! No prob!

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No sweat! No worries! Thanks for helping me decorate for Christmas! No biggie No prob! Do you come here often? Why is this pick-up line a DON"T? Because it is so overused! Just don't. Just don't use it! How you doin'? Because you're not Joey!! Yes I am! No you're not! You look familiar. Have we met before? Because it doesn't guarantee they'll answer you! They could just say:Nope! And walk away!

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Michael. What's your name? Why is this pick-up line a DO? Because it's just so simple! And if you say it with confidence. I think you'll come off as a very honest person.

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Are you here with friends? This is such a useful pick up line! Because you can start talking with their friends! This is very important. If their friends like you then the person you're trying to pick up is probably going to like you too! That's very kind,thank you! That's nice of you to say!

Did you change your hair? That's very nice of you to say! Nope,same hair! I appreciate that.

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I appreciate that! Thank you! Underneath the Christmas tree.